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How to Talk to Patients About Cognitive Health
Clinicians, hone your skill in leading open discussions with your patients around cognitive health, including addressing stigmas and fears around mental health and aging.


What's inside:

You’re not alone: 
Why discussing cognitive health with patients is a challenge
How to choose a cognitive assessment tool that supports conversations around brain health
Discussion tips for before and after administering cognitive assessment

BONUS: Printable quick reference guide to help lead you through patient conversations

About Creyos

Creyos (formerly Cambridge Brain Sciences) leads the field when it comes to accurately quantifying brain function and brain health. Our proprietary cognitive assessments have been taken millions of times and have been used in over 300 studies published in leading academic journals over the last 30 years. Owing to years of rigorous academic development, Creyos possesses one of the world’s largest normative databases of cognitive function developed from 12+ million cognitive task scores. Our cognitive assessments and health questionnaires—all delivered and scored digitally—are used by healthcare practitioners treating mental health conditions, brain injuries, aging, and other patient populations throughout the world, as well as by leading researchers.

Our assessments were developed by Dr. Adrian Owen, chief scientific officer of Creyos, and one of the leading authorities on cognition. Professor Owen is the head of the Owen Lab at the Western Institute for Neuroscience (WIN), a cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience research center at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

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